Grip couplings

WA-grip-couplings - Restraint Pipe connections - Couping for different size pipes.





WA-Grip couplings provide connections for differential diameter pipes or different pipe types.

Sealing gaskets in combination with the grippers, provide a watertight pull-out resistant connection.

The restraint couplings allow angular deflection up to 8 degrees (when flange adapters are used up to 4 degrees). Suitable for a working pressure up to 16 bars (232 psi) for water - 5 bars (72 psi) for gas pipelines.

Note : for use on PE and PVC pipes use pipe strengthening inserts.


  • Ductile cast iron
  • Gasket : EPDM or NBR
  • Bolts and washers : stainless steel (A2) 304L stainless
  • Nuts : stainless steel A4 316L stainless
  • Coating : Resicoat epoxy, blue

PDF Grip coupling pipe sizing

WA-Encapsulating sleeve collars Type 1 for smaller diameter pipes

ENCAPSULATION COLLARS - PN16 (235 psi) rated wide-tolerance


Up to 16 mm (.63 inch) tolerant: encapsulating collar for joining and repairing pipes, joints, leaking elements or for tapping. Suitable for use as a coupling.

Available in diameters from 80 mm to 250 mm. 3.15 inch OD - 8 inch pipes)

Other diameters are fabricated on request.

WA-Encapsulating sleeve collars Type 2 for larger diameter pipes:

Wide range encapsulation collar, 30 mm / 1.18 inch space each side to accommodate joint. Repair leaking joint sockets, or hot-tapping applications.

Available in diameters from 350 mm to 1200 mm (14 inch to 48 inch)

Other diameters are fabricated on request.




Non Restraint couplings: gravity lines

Connections for pipes with deferential pipe OD.


Allows the connection between pipes with different external diameters
and different materials.


The unit has two sealing rings, with incorporated o'rings, that assures efficient sealing. It allows to a maximum angle deflection
of 6º.

Pipe connection ranges from outside diameters of 25/55 mm OD up to pipe diameters 1219/1260 mm OD

Locking rings: ductile iron
Body: ductile iron
Gasket: EPDM
Bolts: Steel quality 8.8. to ISO 898-1
Dacromet coated • Nuts and washers: Steel quality 8.8. to ISO 898-2
Dacromet coated • Coating: Epoxy paint potable resicoat 9000 R4 Blue
NBR/SBR Rubber is available on request. .


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