Split barrel joint repair sleeve

Encapsulating Split Barrel Repair Clamps

Stainless Steel joint encapsulating repair clamps:

Split barrel brochure data:


WA-stainless steel materials (304 and 316). Split barrel clamps repair leaking couplings, broken couplings or leaking bell joint connections. 

Pipelines remain in service during installation. Split Barrel repair clamps are mounted over the leaking joints and clamp to the pipe bore, sealing the joint leak.

Split barrel repair clamps are suitable for pressures up to 580 psi. The units may be used on pipes with a diameter up to 1500 mm (60 inch diameter pipes, in lengths up to 16 ft.

  • Bolts and nuts: Stainless steel 304/316 with PTFE coating - to avoid galling.
  • Rubber gaskets: NBR or EPDM.
  • Axial gaskets are seated in grooves in each half of the split barrel.
  • Restraint strips are welded in to prevent the rubber from flowing out during installation. The initial radial seal is obtained by tightening the end bolts at each end of the barrel.
  • Depending on the size and weight of the product, hinge construction will be provided to lift the split barrel over the pipe.
  • A vent is installed for testing purpose and to enable the medium to escape during installation.

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pipe joints - repair clamps WA-Type 1 - long body for longer repair requirements:


WA-type I permanent repair collars allow for a 16 mm (.63") encapsulating tolerance. Type I joint collars providing the fastest and cost effective solution to high and low pressure repair problems up to 232 psi.

Available in diameters from 3 inch to 10 inch. Other diameters are fabricated on request.

• Easiest and fastest installation: only side bolts to be tightened.
• Easy to install even on oval pipes.
• Suitable for any pipe material.
• Angular compensation of up to 6°.
• The same fitting can be used either to repair a leaking joint or a damaged pipe.
• 360° coverage,long body to cover larger repair issues.

Encapsulating couplings 232 psi - 30 mm tolerance - Leak repair clamps:

WA-type II for larger pipe diameters: all for 30 mm tolerance (1.18"). Type II encapsulation collars provide a solution to high and low pressure leak repair problems. Available in diameters from 350 mm to 1200 mm (14" to 48"). Other diameters on request.


• Maximum flexibility on rigid pipes owing to wide tolerance range.
• Easy to install even on oval pipes.
• Suitable for any pipe material.
• Angular compensation of up to 6° before or after installation

• The same fitting can be used either to repair a leaking joint or a damaged pipe.
• Large rubber rings ensure best adaptability to pipe surfaces and ovalization.




Wide range encapsulation collar, 30 mm (1.18") tolerance on pipe outside diameter for repairing pipes, pipe joints,

or hot-tapping applications.

Download cut sheet Encapsulating sleeves

Pipe repair clamps:

WA-HS-2 Stainless steel pipe repair clamps:

Stainless steel repair clamps From DN 80 up to including DN 700. (3" to 28")

Length varying according to diameter from 200 to 750 mm (8" to 30"). Working range is max. 22 mm.

Working pressures
16 bars for smaller sizes and 10 bars for the larger sizes. Please see our price-list for detailed information regarding working pressures.

Installation can be done by staff personnel or contractors, no special tools required.

Available with NBR and Vito rubber.

Design standards:

  • All metal parts: stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316L, passivated
  • Double band (two sections) with a working range of 20-22 mm depending on the diameter.
  • V gasket, steel reinforced to form the pressure chamber.
  • Standard NBR rubber gaskets.
  • Bridge plates are vulcanized into the rubber gasket.
  • Bolts are PTFE (Teflon™) coated to prevent galling.
  • No loose parts that may get lost during installation.
  • No special tools required: a simple wrench will do the job.
  • Under most circumstances the clamps can be installed, without releasing the pressure on the pipe.

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